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Small Lot For Sale in Siargao Island Near Beach , With Beach Access and near surfing Spot


Looking for the perfect lot for sale on Siargao Island? Look no further! We have a variety of lot sizes available in different locations, each with their unique features. For those seeking beach access and surfing spots, we have 400 sqm and 500 sqm lots in Guiwan Union, as well as 109 sqm and 200 sqm portions in Tangbo Sta. Monica, both just a short walk or drive away from the beach and surfing areas. If you prefer a convenient location near the road and a 2-minute drive to the nearest beach and surfing spot, we have 150 sqm and 200 sqm lots available in Pacifico. Lastly, we also have 136 sqm and 355 sqm lots available just a 2-minute drive away from the famous Cloud 9 and other beaches in General Luna. Don't miss this opportunity to own your dream property in one of the best surfing destinations in the world!

Featured Small Properties:

⊛ 400 SQ.M - ₱2,400,000
⊛ 500 SQ.M - ₱3,000,000
Guiwan, Union , Dapa
⊛ 109 SQ.M - ₱872,000
⊛ 200 SQ.M - ₱1,600,000
Tangbo, Sta. Monica
⊛ 136 SQ.M - ₱1,768,000
⊛ 355 SQ.M - ₱4,615,000
Cloud 9 , General Luna
⊛ 150 SQ.M - ₱1,200,000
⊛ 200 SQ.M - ₱1,600,000
⊛ 300 SQ.M - ₱2,400,000
Pacifico, San Isidro
⊛ 200 SQ.M - ₱1,200,000
⊛ 500 SQ.M - ₱3,000,000
⊛ 1,000 SQ.M - ₱6,000,000
Malinao, Gen. Luna
Large Properties Also Available
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250 Sqm Lot for sale near Beach and Surfing area in Siargao
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230 sqm Commercial Lot For Sale in Cloud 9 Siargao

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