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And people often wonder why not everyone gets access to me. It's because I'm comparing your presence to my own solitude. Before I decide to pursue a connection or relationship with you, I always ask myself these questions: Is your company better than being alone? Am I flourishing around you like I do when I'm alone? Do I feel safe or do I feel like I could trust you? Is there joy? Is there peace?

I manage people in my life like how I manage my time. We should never allow ourselves to get emotionally involved and get distracted by things that strip away our joy, and serve no significance in the long run. And no, this doesn't mean that you have to terminate your relationship with every difficult person in your life right this moment. Just simply decrease the time you invest in them. Control the conversations and enforce new boundaries. Remind people that you care for them but never allow other people's behaviour to interfere with your peace of mind. Remember, YOU are your main priority. Always.

? San Isidro, Siargao Island
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Updated TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS in the Province of Surigao del norte  / Siargao Island
Just present any of the Following
- Vaccination Card
- Negative RT-PCR  Test Result
- Negative ANTIGEN Test Result