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8 Reasons a Beach Vacation is Good for You

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Throughout history, doctors would recommend a seaside visit to boost health and wellbeing, and it's not hard to imagine why. Whether it's to lie back and relax or tick a few items off the bucket list, there are a thousand reasons to choose a beach vacation. Here are 8 of the best reasons to stay seaside for your next vacation.


Natures Remedy

Ocean water has great benefits for health and wellbeing. Seawater is very different from the water of rivers and pools. Teeming with minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, and sodium, seawater has long been praised for its healing abilities. Whether it's eczema or muscle tension, a swim a day can do a lot for your body.


Unplug and Get Away

With busy lives comes constant emails and texts. It can be easy to get distracted and forget to unwind. With so little holiday time, it is important to use it wisely. A beach destination can help you to replace buzzing phones with the cool crash of the ocean and help you make the most out of your time away.


Rest Up

After a day of sun and swimming, you'll find sleeping has never been so easy. A beach getaway can be a great way to help reset your body's natural rhythms lasting much longer than the holiday itself. Sleeping may seem a somewhat unimportant part of life. However, the consequences of poor sleep are drastic. Sleep deficiency has been linked to seven of the fifteen causes of death in the United States. From accidental injury to heart disease and diabetes, resting up could help save your life.


No Need to Break the Bank

Plan ahead and book early. It's not just airlines that offer cheap deals and huge savings when you book ahead, hotels offer early bird savings too! Coupled with cheap flights, your dream vacation might be far more reasonable than you think.

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Great for Your Skin

The natural healing power of ocean water coupled with sand (nature’s exfoliant) and the sun's rays will leave your skin looking great. A beach destination is sure to be a much needed holiday for you and your skin.


Not Just Sand and Sun

A beach holiday doesn't mean you have to spend the whole time sunbathing. Whether you've always wanted to try scuba diving or stand up paddleboarding, this could be the perfect time to tick them off the bucket list. Many companies offer door to door service, picking you up in the morning and dropping you back after your adventure. Getting out there has never been easier!


Experience the Freshest of Seafood

If saltwater and sunshine isn't your thing, don't forget that you are a stone's throw away from an ocean full of fresh cuisine. With a beach getaway comes the luxury of getting to experience the freshest of seafood. Different cities and countries will have different dishes so be sure to check out a seaside restaurant when heading away.


Get Some Precious Sun

Vitamin D deficiency has been described as a pandemic and a significant problem for the western world. Your body produces precious vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, and without it, our bodies can suffer greatly. Lack of vitamin D has been linked to diseases such as type I diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, deadly cancers, and heart disease. With fewer and fewer people getting the precious sun, a beach vacation could be exactly what your body needs.


Whether you want to experience new activities or stretch out in the sun and sand, there are so many reasons why a beach holiday is a must. These are our top 8 but get out there and make your own!



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For sun-and-sea-loving creative writer Harper, a sun-filled beach is her idea of a perfect holiday getaway – all thanks to her adventurous spirit and huge love for nature! Check out more of her published work on Tumblr.






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