Tutorial Guide on How to play Buy WANA and WAI Tokens for Wanaka farm

How To Play and Buy Tokens WANA and WAI of Wanaka Farm - Play to Earn NFT Games | Step by Step


(WANA and WAI  are in-game tokens)

All You Need:
Binance Account - Get Binance Wallet
Metamask Account - Get Metamask Wallet
Gcash (For Philippine Base)

(Currently Game can be played in Laptop/Desktop Windows)

BUDGET For Starting
at least 42 USDT = 2,126 (
Updated Price)
- 20 USDT for WANA (in game)(Click here for breakdown)
- 15 USDT for WAI (in game)
- 5 USDT to buy 0.01 BNB (Budget for Token Exchange Gas fees,this covers the whole process & exchanges,BNB Price may Change)
- 2 USDT allowance for Gas fee from Binance to Metamask.
Adjust the budget if needed.

Add first Tokens to your BINANCE SMART CHAIN metamask wallet  (Get Metamask Wallet Account Here)         

You can verify this in Wanaka farm official website and Bscscan.
USDT (BSC BEP20) - 0x55d398326f99059ff775485246999027b3197955
BUSD  (Binance USD) -  0xe9e7cea3dedca5984780bafc599bd69add087d56
WANA - 0x339C72829AB7DD45C3C52f965E7ABe358dd8761E
WAI - 0x934c9198582bf2631128c5d4b051aacef9a6224f

Add Tokens Contract Address Metamask

  1. Flow of your Conversion Exchange  .
    from Binance or any wallet To your Metamask Wallet.
    In Sending crypto just use USDT  (BSC bep20) (BSC- Binance Smart Chain) and BNB(for gas fees in Token Xchange) as your starting Coin to send.
    *you need BNB in order to exchange usdt to wana,busd,wai tokens in exchange websites as gas fees.
    at least 0.01 BNB.

  2. Send your USDT and BNB in Binance to your Metamask Wallet . ( budget amount to send is at least 35 USDT and at least 0.01 BNB as allowance for gas or transfer fees ).

    in Binance goto Wallet > FIAT & SPOT .  under USDT  click Withdraw .
    then  Select Coin > USDT . in  Withdraw TO . under Address . Paste your Metamask Wallet Address.
    Under Network , Select BSC BEP20 . then withdraw.
    Wait for few minutes your usdt will be in your Metamask wallet. Same process sending BNB to metamask.

    Binance Smart Chain Metamask wallet Address

    Binance Withdrawal Guide

  3. Once you have your USDT in your Metamask .
    Convert  at least 20 USDT to WANA Token.

    (before converting to WANA/WAI/BUSD you need at least 0.01 BNB for gas fees or transfer/sending fee)
    Goto  https://pancakeswap.finance/  . Click TRADE .  FROM > select USDT and TO > Select WANA .  Swap . Metamask will pop up for Gas fee . click Confirm.
  4. Getting WAI Token.   from USDT > BUSD > WAI  OR BNB > WAI .
    First Convert USDT to BUSD
    (Other option have BNB first from Binance. You can use BNB to buy WAI to save from gas fees from too much conversion)
    Go to  https://pancakeswap.finance/   Click TRADE . FROM > Select USDT and TO > select BUSD .  Convert at least  15 USDT .  Confirm Meta for gas fee.

Second , Convert BUSD to WAI
Goto https://poocoin.app/ 
click TRADE upper right . FROM > change to BUSD (you can use BNB also)  and click AUTO SLIPPAGE and MAX for BUSD . it will automatically total how much WAI you can get from 15 BUSD.  Click SWAP.  Metamask will popup for Gas fee just click Confirm .

wanaka tokens

Goto Wanaka Farm Market Place   . Click MY ACCOUNT . Upper Right  (Register by adding Email address and Password.).
You need to transfer your Tokens from Metamask to ingame .

wanaka how to play

tutorial to play wanaka farm



DOWNLOAD the Game for Windows. Unzip and install and Play . More tutorial for Buying for your Plots and Seedpacks.

Investment Information:
50-100 wai tokens is needed to complete some quests in game
1.) If you have nft land
A.) 20$ (USD) worth of wana is the minimum amount needed to start playing
Note: Price of seeds and items on wanashop (will be fixed in USD) but paid in wana (just like how we did the landsale)
2.) If you don’t have nft land
A.) You can use the default land and open up to maximum of 4 plots.
- Each land plot costs 20USD in $WANA token (at real-time exchange rate).
- How much per seedpack? (This will be paid in wana token)
A. 1 seedpack of cabbage (2 seeds) = 2 USD
B. 1 seedpack of apple (2 seeds) = 4 USD
C. 1 seedpack of fish (2 seeds) = 6 USD
D. 1 seedpack of cow (2 seeds) = 8 USD
If wana = 20USD you will need 1 wana per plot.
If wana = 5USD you will need 4 wana per plot.
Note: What does having 4 plots mean in default land?
It means:
1 plot for planting = 1 apple tree
1 plot for pond = 1 koi fish
1 plot for farming = 1 cow
1 plot for field = 1 cabbage

Magkano Investment sa Wanaka Farm kapag walang NFT land?
- Pwede mo gamitin ang default land para makapagsimula, Merong apat na plot na pwede ka mabili sa isang default land.
1 plot sa default land = fixed 20 USD (Around 1,000pesos) pero wana token ang gagamitin mo pangbayad dito in real time
Pwede mo bilhin ang apat na plot ng default land, iba iba ang gamit nila, tingnan sa baba:
1 plot for planting = para sa apple tree
1 plot for pond = para sa fish
1 plot for farming = para sa baka
1 plot for field = para sa cabbage
4 plots = 80USD/4000pesos
Magkano ang mga seeds? Wana token din ang gagamiting pambayad dito in real time
1 seedpack of cabbage (2 seeds)= 2USD/100pesos
1 seedpack of apple (2 seeds) = 4 USD/200pesos
1 seedpack of fish (2 seeds) = 6 USD/300pesos
1 seedpack of cow (2 seeds) = 8 USD/400pesos

BNB to PHP -
USDT to PHP - https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/tether
WANA to PHP - https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/wanaka-farm
WANA to USDT - https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/wanaka-farm/usd
WAI to PHP - https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/wanaka-farm-wairere-token


Additional Questions asked by Community
1.) How many devices can play in 1 ISP IP address?
-No restrictions at Official Launch
-We may change base on certain circumstances

2.) What can I get with 1 seedpack?
-You get any of the following:
A. 2 seeds of cabbage
B. 2 seeds of apple
C. 2 seeds of cow
D. 2 seeds of fish

3.) How many seedpack can I get per account?
-You can get maximum 3 seedpacks per each type of item (see example below)
A.) 3 seedpack of cabbage = 6 seeds
B.) 3 seedpack of apple = 6 seeds
C.) 3 seedpack of cow = 6 seeds
D.) 3 seedpack of fish = 6 seeds
Total seedpack = 12
Total seeds = 24

4.) How much is the cost of one seedpack? (This will be paid in wana token)
A. 1 seedpack of cabbage (2 seeds) = 2 USD
B. 1 seedpack of apple (2 seeds) = 4 USD
C. 1 seedpack of fish (2 seeds) = 6 USD
D. 1 seedpack of cow (2 seeds) = 8 USD

5.) If i have the NFT land and get a default too, Do I get 3 seedpacks or 6 seedpacks? And If i have 2 nft lands on one wallet, do i get 3 seedpacks or 6 seedpacks?
-Each wallet will only get maximum of 3 seedpacks regardless how many nft lands he got.

6.) Can we buy more seedpack on wanashop like weekly?
-No, on game launch, It is only 3 seedpack per wallet until further notice.
7.) If I have 2 NFT lands, do I get 2x energy?

8.) For mutation rate, how can i increase the percentage of my common land from 0.25%?
-Cannot change

9.) For mutation rate, it says that an uncommon land for example has 1-2%, will it have a base rate that will be added to this 1-2% or this is the total percentage?
-Yes base rate of all lands including default land is 0.25% added by the increased mutation rate base on rarity

10.) Can I sell mutated items?

11.) At what time can I know if my items are mutated or not?
A. Cabbage - After 2 hours
B. Apple - After 4 hours
C. Fish - After 6 hours
D. Cow - After 8 hours

12.) Can we send seed/harvested/product items to other wallet?
-No, you can only buy and sell at wanatrade



Welcome to the official farmer guidebook: Wanaka Farm Wiki. This guidebook provides you with basic knowledge to start farming on Wanaka. The Wiki will be continuously updated and this is not yet the final version. Click here


Use your mouse🖱 to change angle
and in Keyboard⌨
A - ← Move Left
W - ↑Upwards
S - ↓Downwards
D - →Move Right
ALT - To move your mouse cursor 

wanaka game guide to navigate mouse


Official Website: wanakafarm.com
Telegram channel: https://t.me/WanakaOfficial
PH Facebook Group : Wanaka Farm PH Community
Discord - https://discord.com/invite/XMz3WUMdmS
Official Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/wanakafarmofficial

Listed in

Playtoearn.net - https://playtoearn.net/blockchaingame/wanaka-farm
DappRadar - https://dappradar.com/binance-smart-chain/games/wanaka-farm

1. This is not a professional advice
2. Cryptocurrency and NFT Games are high risks and very volatile
3. You do your own research and make your own decision



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