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Key Points
- Investing in Under-valued stocks in growth industries and companies with dividend growth potential, they must be in good financial health and demonstrating good or improving ESG scores.
- Invest in Income yielding ETF's if the market has dipped.
- Investing in a small exposure of Cryptocurrencies (<10% of allocation)
Equity Investing - My portfolio contains an equal balance of both growth and value stocks. Depending on market cycles the balance can overweight to either type but never beyond a 60:40 ratio.
Growth Stocks - I aim to purchase under-valued stocks in high growth industries such as renewable energy and biotechnology. These holdings are typically reserved for my investment goal #1 (buy a bigger family house by 2025) and will be more likely to be sold for profit in a shorter time scale. I prefer to buy mid-cap stocks that sell their products globally as these tend to be small enough to have fast growth but also large enough to withstand economic hardship.
Value Stocks - I aim to purchase stocks with dividend growth potential at a reasonable or undervalued price. These holdings are reserved for my investment goal #2 (Achieve financial independence by 2043) and I will hold my strongest positions for decades. I prefer to purchase large-cap stocks that are operate globally as these have strong balance sheets and can maintain or even grow their dividend pay-out. I aim to maintain a dividend yield of +2%.
ETF Investing - ETF's currently make up a very small proportion of my portfolio but can be as much 30 - 40% exposure. This depends on market cycles and whether the market is in a position of strong growth or steady growth. I aim to purchase Income specific ETF's such as $HYG $BND $SCHF $SPHD $SDIV when these sectors become discounted below NAV or are out of favour from other investors. I also aim to hold my strongest positions for decades.
Cryptocurrencies Investing - investing in Cryptocurrencies comes with its risks and volatility which is why I do not exceed more than 10% exposure.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

(Picture below updated on 31/08/2021)
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 siargao island tours and properties for sale
Updated TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS in the Province
 Via Surigao and Sayak Airport, and Seaport going to Siargao Island: all of the requirements shall be followed
 Via Sea and Land Travel going to Surigao City, Negative RT-PCR test result is no longer required
 Via Sea and Land Travel going to Municipalities, the protocol and requirements of the concerned LGU shall be followed
For passengers traveling via airports, and walk-in tourists traveling via seaport, email us your documents a day before your departure:
*To all passengers passing through Surigao City via land/sea: no requirements
*To all tourists from other provinces/region, going to Siargao Island via Macapagal Port Terminal, the requirements below shall be followed
*To all Surigao del Norte residents going to Siargao Island for leisure, same set of requirements for Walk-in and Invited tourists; (coordinate with the municipality of destination if it accepts Negative Antigen Test Result)