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TOPIC: Facebook is so much more than a social platform II

Facebook is so much more than a social platform II 2 months 1 week ago #337

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Facebook is so much more than a social platform II

Oculus VR:
“Zuckerberg says that the Oculus Quest's greatest strength against its competition is its convenient wire-free experience, and that bringing the price down from the original $399 to $299 in October was a strategic move, intended to get more people to embrace VR. But Zuckerberg says he wants to upgrade the VR experience even more with the Quest Pro, a device that could include new sensors -- face and eye tracking or maybe even fitness -- in a higher-end self-contained system. The new sensors could add a greater sense of "presence" as part of Facebook's plan for social VR."

“We want to get as many people as possible to be able to experience virtual reality and be able to jump into the metaverse and … to have these social experiences within that," he adds. "That's really where our bread and butter as a company is in terms of building those experiences. That's also what our business is."

Facebook Horizon - Metaverse:
“Facebook is getting closer to launching this world in the form of a large-scale social metaverse called Facebook Horizon that, with creative tools and user-created worlds, looks reminiscent of apps like AltspaceVR, Rec Room, and maybe even Fortnite, Roblox and Minecraft. Zuckerberg calls Horizon a "very big priority" for Facebook, something that will "play a big role toward helping to build out this broader metaverse that will go across all of virtual and augmented reality." It's an approach that feels similar to Microsoft's.”

“Yeah, this is a big project for us because there needs to be a social fabric that goes across all of the different layers of virtual reality. That's what we hope to do with Horizon. So part of it is we're building this environment where individual creators can create worlds and you can hang out with your friends. Part of it is, we're building out this avatar system that is going to get increasingly expressive on the one hand, and then if you want, also increasingly realistic.”

Taking on video calls market:
“Tellingly, we didn't speak over VR or even over Zoom video, instead opting for a Zoom audio call. Zuckerberg says he doesn't find $ZM (Zoom Video Communications Inc) meetings memorable or compelling. "I find that when I'm on a bunch of video calls, they all kind of blend together and I have a hard time remembering exactly which call something was said on or it's just kind of harder to place it because there's no real sense of space," he notes.”

“… one of the things that I hope is that, going forward at Facebook, in addition to doing videoconferences and stuff like that, I want to basically have our culture be that a lot of our employees are holding meetings in VR, in something like Horizon.”

“In the beginning, when we got started working on virtual reality, what we saw was virtual reality is really about this sense of presence, and therefore, it's about social connection more than it's about whatever the technology is. I would expect that as these things get built out more, whether it's just use cases for hanging out and chatting, or playing different things together, or working together and collaborating, I would bet that those will be a lot of the biggest uses of this over the long term.”

On Quest Pro:
“This is certainly something that we're working on. Basically, having a higher-end virtual reality experience. Traditionally, if you wanted to get a virtual reality device that had more power, the thing that you did was you wired [it] into a PC or some other computer, that's one way to do it. But I think the trade-off on requiring the wire is too great in terms of the experience ...”

PC games on Quest:
“So even for Quest 2, we focused a lot on AirLink, which we just released. It's the ability to now stream games from your PC, so you can take advantage of the power of the PC and still have a wireless experience, which is really important.”

“But we're starting to see the top few apps are social apps where people hang out together. We're starting to see an increase in apps for creative production or productivity or people getting together to work. One of the things I've been pretty excited to see is this growth of fitness apps. So you see apps like FitXR and Supernatural, which are basically subscription services where you can take different classes doing boxing or dancing or different things. It's almost like $PTON (Peloton Interactive) .


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