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TOPIC: Philippines Vs Thailand 12 Comparisons

Philippines Vs Thailand 12 Comparisons 1 year 11 months ago #44

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Philippines Vs Thailand 12 Comparisons

The Philippines Versus Thailand. 12 Comparisons. Visit This Website to Meet a Wife or Girlfriend in the Philippines:

Get Your Free 7-Day Trial of the SUPER-EASY Video Software I Used to Create This Video

Which is Better for Expats? Thailand or the Philippines? I had full-time employees in the Philippines for 8 years.

And I've visited here on business 12 times in the past.

But this is the very first time that I've actually lived here for an extended period.

Here's 12 Quick Observations.

1. Top of the List is How Friendly and Polite Filipino's Are! I think Thai's are probably less outgoing due to the obvious language

But seriously nothing could have prepared me for how
total strangers will smile and strike up a conversation.

2. I've Personally Found It Much Harder to Get Awesome Fruit and Vegetables Here.

Thailand 100% Definitely Wins Hands Down on That Point.

3. Hospital and Medical Care in the Philippines Has Blown Me Away!

This actually came as a very pleasent surprise. I was Misdiagnosed Beyond Belief in Thailand. and have experienced the 'Year of Hell'
as a result.

The doctors here performed a Simple MRI Scan that not only identified what was wrong,
but also how to fix it.

They Told Me: "Sir, a 1st Year Medical Student in the Philippines would have suggested you get an MRI the very first time they saw you!"

4. Condo Rental Costs are Much Higher Here in the Philippines.

Please keep in mind that I am not on a shoestring budget like many expats. And so I'm currently renting a really nice condo.

But you'll definitely find Much Better Rental Properties in Thailand
than in Manila or Cebu.

5. No Offence. But the Expats I've Met Here Actually Seem Quite Normal.

In Thailand I encountered some seriously 'Unhinged' people.

I'm sure they exist here in the Philippines too! I just haven't run into
them yet Thank Goodness! Most of the expats I have met strike me as being genuinely happy to be here.

6. The Philippines Has Awesome Cafes and Restaurants! More Choice Than I Experienced

While Living in Northern Thailand. 7. However, Supermarkets Seem to Be MUCH Better Stocked in Thailand.

I seriously miss the Rimping Supermarket!

8. It's 10-Times Easier to Get a Visa for the Philippines!

The Philippines GENUINELY Welcomes Expats!

They go out of their way to make you feel like a welcome guest and not an uninvited pest!

9. Less Horror Stories. I make it a point to ask every expat I meet here about their relationships.

I can honestly say I have encountered more guys in 3 months who say they have been in loving and stable long-term relationships with their Filipina wife or girlfriend than I did in Thailand in 3 years.

Please don't get me wrong. Because I'm 100% sure that Horror Stories exist here too. It's just refreshing to hear so many guys speaking highly of the ladies here in the Philippines.

10. Taxi Cabs! I LOVE the fact that it is super-easy to get a taxi here and VERY affordable! Plus the driving is way less nerve-shattering!

Keep in Mind That Thailand Has the 2nd Worst Road Deaths On The ENTIRE Planet!

11. I Feel Very Safe Here.

Pretty much the same as I did in Thailand. Although you read of drug dealers being shot
ALL the time here!

[Yikes!] 12. Cars Actually Stop for Me!

As most of you are aware I've been walking with a cane for all of the last year.
I've been 'gobsmacked' at the number of drivers here in the Philippines who'll see me wanting to cross the road, and slow down to wave me across.

That NEVER happened to me even one time in Thailand. It's Early Days. But All in All I'm ABSOLUTELY LOVING the Philippines! It remains to be seen what the future holds for me.

But so far I have to admit that I'm finding it much friendlier here than Thailand.

Thanks for Watching!Please Keep Your Questions and Suggestions for Future Videos Coming!
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