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TOPIC: UK Expats Leaving Thailand for the Philippines ❤️

UK Expats Leaving Thailand for the Philippines ❤️ 4 years 6 months ago #37

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UK Expats Leaving Thailand for the Philippines ❤️

UK Expats Leaving Thailand for the Philippines. Filipina Dating Website: ❤️

Thousands of UK Expats, currently living in Thailand are feeling like they're stuck in between a rock and a hard place! Just like the poor guy in this picture.

I'm literally hearing from subscribers on a daily basis telling me they're Worried Sick from Seeing Their Purchasing Power Evaporating.

In this video, we're going to look at one very viable alternative to living in Thailand...

The Philippines. And Specifically... 14 Reasons Why Moving to the Philippines is a Great Idea.

#1. The People.

Stop and think about the friendliest people you've ever met in your life...

And then times it by ten. And you've got a good idea about the reception you can expect in the Philippines.

From taxi drivers to doctors and just about everyone in-between, This is a Nation of Friendly People.

#2. Your UK Pension ISN'T Frozen at the Amount it Was When You Retired.

Stop and think about that... It's a powerful incentive to move here.

#3. Getting a Visa to Live in the Philippines is VERY Easy.

Unlike Thailand, The Government in the Philippines Welcomes Foreigners with Open Arms.

#4. Health Insurance is Easier to Get and Reasonably Affordable.

In my experience, doctors and hospitals here are awesome. #5. Quality Housing is Very Affordable in the Philippines.

From condos to houses, you'll easily be able to find a decent place to live here.

#6. The Cost of Living in the Philippines.

Your money will go a lot further here. And that one thing alone is priceless.

#7 Peace of Mind.

No more living in dread wondering what 'Bonkers Changes' will be made next, to the increasingly confusing immigration laws in Thailand.

Only someone suffering from the Dunning-Kruger Effect would deny that Thailand no longer wants expats. Seriously... Why Stay Somewhere Where You're NO LONGER WELCOME... #8. The Philippines is Beautiful.

Get out of the cities, and you'll see and experience some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the entire world.

#9. The Women in the Philippines Are Very Adorable.

They're friendly, feminine, modest, outgoing, caring, loving and very compassionate.

And before you start - the answer is No. I'm NOT saying Filipina's are perfect.

There's good and bad people in every nation.

What I'm Saying is, Their Reputation for Beauty and Kindness, is Very Well Deserved.

#10. People Speak English in the Philippines.

This Makes it Much Easier to Make Friends...

#11. The Expat Community Here, Seems to Be Far More Normal Compared to Thailand.

Have you ever wondered what it is, that causes so many expats in Thailand to be seriously bonkers?
I certainly have... From 'Dangerously Unhinged' Online Trolls, [with Serious Mental and Anger Problems...]

To Cynical, Empty, Bitter, Old Men - Spewing Out Venom and Hate to the World [and Everyone in it...] You'd be lying if you said these types didn't abound and thrive in the Thailand expat community.

Just this last week, I actually deleted an old Aussie guy for his vile comments. Now this miserable old bloke looks like he only has a few years left to live anyway... And instead of enjoying his life, he's sat on YouTube pouring bile and hate towards total strangers. And that's not even slightly normal. What a Terrible Waste of a Life. No purpose. No Happiness. No Vision. His channel will never grow. In fact the ONLY thing that will is his empty, hate-filled heart. But, here in the Philippines, you'll run into expats all the time who are just normal guys, living normal, happy lives with their Filipina wife and kids.

#12. Caring for Others ISN'T Illegal in the Philippines.

What do I mean by this? Well, the Thai government just made it illegal to give to beggars.

Why would they do this? Because of their ignorant, backwards, belief in karma. They literally believe that if you give to the poor and needy, you'll be interfering with their karma.

So, that poor teenage girl, whose been abused at home, and had to leave... and is seen on the street begging for food... you'd better not show her any compassion. and give to her. Because now you can be arrested or fined for doing so!

In stark contrast, something I have seen and marvelled at time and again here, is how often I've seen people in the Philippines, giving to help others in need...

Please just stop and think about that... Most people in the Philippines are definitely NOT well off or rich by any means, but many of them will buy a meal for [or give to] a total stranger in need.

That's something I have come to really admire about people here.

#13. No Greedy Sinsod Demands.

Which Means You Won't Get Told: "I'll Marry You. But ONLY IF You'll Buy My Parents a New Home. And Give Them 1 Million Baht!"

A Filipina is far more likely to be with a guy because he has a good heart. Regardless of whether or not he's rich.

#14. Loyalty and Family.
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