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TOPIC: Decided to do an FAQ for those who are new here:

Decided to do an FAQ for those who are new here: 5 months 1 week ago #332

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Hi all,

Decided to do an FAQ for those who are new here:

1) When is the best time to start copying?

No best time, just start and don't think about it. I don't believe in market timing so there isn't a great time to copy my portfolio.
2) Should i copy open trades

As a general rule, yes.

If i have not closed it means my thesis has yet to play out to its full potential.
You may be unlucky and lose a bit here or there, but my trades are generally small and controlled.


3) *MOST COMMON QUESTION* why are you not investing everything

I fundamentally believe in not market timing, so i size into trades. If my thesis is 20% risk portfolio, i will go in 10% at a time. If market moves in my favour then i am happy not to invest more.

Also there are alway opportunities, so i like to ensure i have cash to invest.


4) Why do you trade so little? are you even active?

Yes i am.

My ideas take an extremely long time to research and find the time at which i feel comfortable. My knowledge and my research is my greatest edge on eToro. Rushing or not sizing correctly takes away this edge.


5) My objective

I have developed a system that is designed to over the next 10-20 years will outperform most investors.

eToro is proving my thesis.


6) Profit target

I don't believe you can will the market up or down. Only to find great opportunities to invest. The asset classes we have is also limited so we have to be realistic as well.

The long term average return of stocks over the last 30 years (adjusted for inflation) was 6.8%. Buffett famously bet that the S&P will outperform most hedge funds less fees.

As the Bible says, he who has ears let them hear?

7) What happened in 2018 & 2019

As i am very involved in the Crypto space, i saw a very very outsized opportunity for Crypto, so i bought in.

A few bad trades of course weighed me down.

It took 2 years for the thesis to develop hence 2020 was a stellar year.


8) What happened in 2020?

COVID-19 March brought the market down, as someone who doesn't have much invested in the market at that time. I had funds to deploy

Everything was on sale, as Baron Rothschild said: "Buy when there's blood in the streets, even if the blood is your own."


9) Recommended Copy Amount?
As a general rule $1,000


Press coverage:

Two Blokes Trading (2017):
@Michael_Pino (2020):

by Zheng Bin
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